Square Pegs in Round Holes: Don’t fall into the Wrong Job

Trudy Bateman - Head of Strengths Profile

According to the BBC, as many as 75 per cent of us are in jobs we don’t feel suit us.
In a two-part documentary on BBC Radio 4, writer and broadcaster Emma Kennedy looks at what’s gone wrong, and ways to help people find jobs that better fit their skills, aptitudes, and aspirations.
As part of her broadcast, Emma spoke with Anne Wilson, Head of Careers at the University of Warwick, along with two of her students who have benefitted from taking Capp’s Strengths Profile.
She asked what has to change if we want more people to be doing jobs they are suited for?

Begin with your strengths
Most people will know that a strength is something you do well. At Capp we go on to define a strength as something you enjoy, something you’re good at, and something that gives you a real boost – so something you seek out and do as often as you can.

And how can we place people in the right jobs?
When people get to use their strengths, they are more engaged at work, happier, and are more able to achieve their goals – so choosing a job where your strengths are utilised is vital. It’s a win-win for people and organisations as you’ll be more able to overcome obstacles, perform better, and stay longer.

Strengths Profile also reveals your unrealised strengths – the things we are good at, enjoy, but don’t have an opportunity to use. Interesting research shared during the documentary revealed that “58 per cent of people would choose a different job if they could start again.” So, for anyone considering their future, it’s important to look at your potential, not just your results to date. One of the biggest traps we fall into in our careers is progressing in the areas of our learned behaviours – the things we are good at but don’t enjoy. This makes sense, as people are usually promoted in the areas of their performance, not energy. Again, through using Strengths Profile, you can avoid this by focusing on the things you love.

Take responsibility for learning more about your strengths, so you can be the one to guide what you do and when, through the many resources at Strengths Profile.