Monday: Be Curious

“The expert in anything, was once a beginner”, Helen Hayes.

The first few months in a new job are daunting. You’re in a new environment with new people, you don’t know the lay of the land, you are learning and absorbing like you probably haven’t done since your first day at university. Our first top tip to navigating these initial nerve-wracking days is, BE CURIOUS. Ask questions, explore, find out everything from where the coffee machine is to where the CEO sits. Where’s the stationery cupboard and who is your neighbour? When is your first induction session and what are the company values? Asking questions and being proactive in your learning are important ways to fully immerse yourself and get to know your new surroundings.

Being curious is a great way to be but remember we’re not all naturally that way inclined so, if being naturally curious isn’t your strong suit, perhaps think about how you can use other strengths instead: LISTEN, be ADVENTUROUS, push yourself beyond your comfort zone, ask yourself how you want to GROW over these next few months and ask for FEEDBACK from your manager about how you’re settling in. As graduates you are not expected to have all of the answers right now, but you should be asking the right questions. Be prepared to make your brain act like a sponge over the next few months, taking every opportunity to learn and absorb what is going on around you.

Strengths to use: Curiosity, Growth, Listener, Feedback, Adventure