Next Generation Virtual Reality Assessment

Capp have launched an upgraded version of its Virtual Reality Assessment Platform, which will deliver an improved experience and a consistency unmatched by any other assessment solution.

More than 2,000 people have already been assessed by Capp’s VR Assessment Platform - including future bankers, technical engineers, customer service leaders and media specialists – and interest in this next generation of technology is even higher.

The new version delivers premium high-resolution visuals via a more comfortable headset, and complete with a wider choice of assessed environments for participants to experience and be assessed within.

Several of the new environments, for instance a meeting room and a conference hall, allow opportunities for branding and customisation for clients – creating their own business focused challenges for participants. The huge advantage of delivering these assessments in VR is that the software does all the hard work – delivering complex, immersive assessments with total consistency, every time.

“Our VR Assessment Platform delivers complex, realistic assessments with consistency and ease,” said Jamie Betts, Head of Recruitment Solutions and Virtual Reality Assessment at Capp.

“In VR we can create environments it would be too expensive or time-consuming to create in real life, but which allow participants to encounter and experience situations for the very first time.”

The new version also provides output and data such as eye tracking and allows complete freedom of movement, so participants are fully able to explore their surroundings, which range from an Egyptian tomb with an analytical challenge to an office reception. The platform is fully modular, and organisations direct candidates only to those environments which are relevant for them.

“The improvements all help contribute to the very authentic experience people have – the high-quality visuals, comfort, and assessed environments all help to immerse participants so that their subconscious believes it is truly there in the virtual world. We are then assessing real reactions and responses to situations they have never encountered before. It’s like a glass window to another world,” added Jamie Betts.

Capp’s Virtual Reality Assessment Platform is the only one of its kind. It is available by lease and organisations have the choice of using Capp technicians and assessors, or receiving the training to deliver the assessments themselves.

Capp is an assessment and development technology company which operates worldwide. In the last 12 months it has carried out almost 900,000 online and face to face assessments for clients who are recruiting apprentices, graduates and executives, or developing their own leadership and staff potential.

It launched its Virtual Reality Assessment Platform in 2017, and so far, 2,100 people have been assessed in this way.

For further information please contact Claire Deeley at or 07545 923015