Proven Benefits of Assessment in Virtual Reality

It is a source of pride that every one of our clients who have used our Virtual Reality Assessment Platform for recruitment or leadership development to date, has renewed for the next hiring or development cycle.

That’s because it delivers real benefits compared to traditional assessments.

I have witnessed the incredible results first hand. It is so rewarding to hear participants, assessors and recruiters talk with real passion about the experience and the insight it gives us into behaviour and abilities. I have included a brief summary of the proven benefits, taken from our Realised Benefits insight paper, below.

It supports diversity and equal opportunity
The Capp VR Assessment Platform allows people’s true potential to shine through, whatever their background.

Data from 500 candidates at a leading FTSE 100 employer demonstrates no adverse impact aligned with ethnicity, gender or socio-economic status when using Capp’s VR Assessment Platform.

In fact, BAMEs, females and candidates from poorer families have, on average, performed slightly better. In addition, data gathered from over 400 candidates at a leading global insurance firm demonstrates there is no adverse impact aligned to age.

It delivers a robust and valid assessment 
We have overseen a robust, four-stage validation process, in addition to assessing more than 2,000 people to date. This data provides us with a foundation of confidence to say the assessment is working as intended and providing a good range of scoring differentiation.

It delivers an amazing candidate experience
Feedback from participants demonstrates a remarkable impact on candidate experience:
  • The full 100% of candidates rate the experience of VR as impressive
  • 90% intend to speak to other people positively about their experience – unheard of with traditional forms of assessment
  • 95% believe, after experiencing VR, it can be used as a fair and robust form of assessing their strengths
It enhances the client’s brand
Feedback from participants demonstrates that assessment in VR significantly enhances the brand. The client stands out as an employer who invests in leading-edge innovation to deliver a great assessment day experience. It also means candidates are more likely to accept an offer in a market where the competition for top-tier talent is strong.

We also have evidence to show that VR provides a transformative assessor experience. It has become a very real and valued part of the assessment process for many organisations.

To download the full insights paper click here. For your own Virtual Reality demonstration, contact or +44(0)121 726 5900.

Jamie Betts, Head of Recruitment Solutions and Virtual Reality Assessment at Capp