The Magic of Presence

Imagine a computer simulation, where people are so immersed that their reactions and responses to situations they encounter are genuine – just like real life.

This is the reality of high-end VR, of the kind we use in our VR Assessment Platform. And it is truly remarkable. After placing on the headset, you are free to explore by physically walking around and interacting with your environment – just like real life.

Capp’s new Virtual Reality Assessment Platform is so immersive and ‘real’ that our research has shown that the subconscious truly believes it is there. This is the magic known as Presence in VR, and it drives natural behaviour, thoughts and emotions in a wide range of controlled and assessed environments.

We leverage this remarkable thing called ‘presence’ to truly understand who someone is. The Capp VR Assessment platform offers a wide choice of environments where participants can encounter challenges or tasks. Many of these would be too expensive and time-consuming to create in real-life, so participants are encountering experiences and reacting to them for the very first time – delivering incredible insight into who they are.

It all combines to deliver deeply impressive, immersive assessments with ease and consistency – driving insight and dramatically lifting candidate experience.

And it’s simple to deliver. There are full customisation and branding options across many of the environments together with fully validated scoring. You can choose to use our technicians and assessors or alternatively be trained to do it yourselves.

In this fascinating new world of assessment, we leverage high-end VR and ‘presence’ to create an assessment platform that delivers genuine insight – every time.

Jamie Betts, Head of Recruitment Solutions and Virtual Reality Assessment at Capp
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